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Women of Worth Recap: Valerie Weisler & Elle Fanning

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On International Women’s Day, we did a feature on Debonnaire girl, Valerie Weisler on the incredible work that she has done with The Validation Project.

As mentioned in the article, It’s Always the Right Time to Feel Validated Valerie was recognized as an awardee in the L’OREAL: Women of Worth competition. At this event, Valerie became acquainted with Elle Fanning, and from then on the two developed a friendship.

On International Women’s Day, Glamour Magazine did a feature on Elle Fanning, Camila Cabello, and Aja Naomi Kin to get their take on what beauty means to them. During Elle’s interview, she was asked about her experience meeting Valerie Weisler.

Here is what she said:


GLAMOUR: You met Valerie Weisler—the 19-year-old founder of antibullying organization The Validation Project—at L’Oréal’s Women of Worth event. Did her message hit home for you?

EF: From her own experience of being bullied, she has gone on to help 6,000 other teenagers. She’s my age—and it’s just inspiring that she found something she’s so invested in. She pushed me to reevaluate myself, in what I can give back. That’s empowering.

Read the full story here

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