The Quality of Friendships

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Most people only have 2-4 close friends. Studies have shown that social support, such as time spent with family and friends is strongly associated with better mental and physical health. Healthy friendships can even improve the effects of already healthy behaviors, like exercise. Having quality relationships can boost your cardiovascular health, your immune system and your sleep quality. One of my most satisfying aspects of having quality people in my life, is they kindly give me perspective and help me take a step back from a situation. Note: A good friend should bring happiness but also care about your well-being. Take a moment to think about the people in your life today 💕

Kaci Gregory is an account executive at IHeartmedia. She graduated from Muhlenberg College with a double major in Media & Communications and French & Francophone studies in 2018 and spends her free time working out, spending time with friends and blogging about positivity! Because of her interest in women's studies, diversity and her passion for cosmetics and fashion, she founded the blog "She's Debonnaire." Her objective is to facilitate dialogue among women on issues related to gender, race, culture, and sexuality and how they impact perceptions of beauty.

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