Take the Power Back!

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My blog is rooted in ideals pertaining to empowerment and self-care, so I’ve taken the past few weeks to do some self reflecting. The hardest part about writing this post is figuring out where I want to begin. 

I’ve been regularly attending bible study over the past few months and one aspect of my life that is starting to avail itself, is I need to take more control of my life. 

It is so easy to go with the motions and let life’s events own you. But what many of us don’t realize, is that we have more control over our lives than we realize. There are choices that we make everyday that dictate our mood and in some cases what happens to us. In addition, we let the opinion of other people consume too much real estate in our heads. 

The devil is scheming because he wants to gain control of your mind. He knows exactly what’s going to set you off, so take a step back and condemn any negative thoughts that don’t serve you. Don’t let bad vibes get you down and maybe even smile for the world, so it knows that it didn’t win! 

You are amazing and you have the power. Take control and start doing what makes you happy! 

Kaci Gregory is an account executive at IHeartmedia. She graduated from Muhlenberg College with a double major in Media & Communications and French & Francophone studies in 2018 and spends her free time working out, spending time with friends and blogging about positivity! Because of her interest in women's studies, diversity and her passion for cosmetics and fashion, she founded the blog "She's Debonnaire." Her objective is to facilitate dialogue among women on issues related to gender, race, culture, and sexuality and how they impact perceptions of beauty.

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