Luminance Skincare is My Superhero!

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As a recent grad working full-time and handling adult responsibilities, the stress accompanied with the daily grind catches up with me from time to time. I think I’m pretty good at masking the exhaustion but as I’m sure you know, looks can be very deceiving. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m superwoman, but honestly, the real superhero is Luminance Skincare. The products that I use from this brand help me radiate and feel good everyday. For starters, I would highly recommend you try their TSA Approved Traveler Package.

This includes their Delicate Facial Cleanser, Rose Water Toner, Nourishing Serum and Deep Hydration Facial Moisturizer. I use all four of these products everyday in that order. These products are rich in avocado, tamanu, coconut and grapeseed oil. Luminance Skincare is ideal for restoring the skin’s natural PH levels. Our skins PH is the first line of defense against bacteria. This is very important because it provides our skin a firm barrier against conditions like eczema and dermatitis. I personally have very sensitive skin, so I love when I can find products that are not only gentle on the skin but actually work! After using these products for the past couple weeks I have already started seeing a difference in my skin. For example, I had a few annoying bumps on my face that I couldn’t help but stare at whenever I looked in the mirror each morning. These pimples weren’t that noticeable but I surely noticed them! In any case, I was looking for a quality product to chase theses bumps away. I read about the Luminance Skincare brand online and I was so happy to receive their blogger package in the mail. Needless to say, Luminance Skincare saved the day and I can’t wait to try their other products in store! 

Kaci Gregory is an account executive at IHeartmedia. She graduated from Muhlenberg College with a double major in Media & Communications and French & Francophone studies in 2018 and spends her free time working out, spending time with friends and blogging about positivity! Because of her interest in women's studies, diversity and her passion for cosmetics and fashion, she founded the blog "She's Debonnaire." Her objective is to facilitate dialogue among women on issues related to gender, race, culture, and sexuality and how they impact perceptions of beauty.

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