Hows Your Lip-Esteem?

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Keep the cracked lips away by incorporating a lip scrub into your self- care routine. One of the lip scrubs that I use is Good Earth Beauty’s, Pink Lemonade. The scent and even the taste of the mixture is amazing and I love the way it feels after I smooth it over on my lips. When I’m finished applying this sweet, crystal-like emulsion, my lips feel soft, plump and kissable. It’s a confidence that I never realized one could actually possess, and yet my lip-esteem is soaring through the roof!

With that being said, treating the lips is a very important part of self-care. After the pink lemony crystals smooth into my lips, I apply one of Good Earth Beauty’s creamy, flavored lip balms. These balms contain shea butter, olive oil, avocado butter and natural flavored oil which all help with lip rejuvenation.

TBH, I’ve been carrying at least one of these balms in my purse at a time, because they’re incredibly hydrating and they smell amazing too. In the latest box of products I received, I had the pleasure of trying out the flavors-Sugar Cookie, Coconut and Pink Lemonade. To keep it simple, all three balms were true to their scent and they made my lips feel smooth, succulent and restored. These are my favorite balms and I’d highly recommend you go check them out!

Kaci Gregory is a recent graduate from Muhlenberg College with a double major in Media & Communications and French & Francophone studies. Because of her interest in women's studies, diversity and her passion for cosmetics and fashion, she founded the blog "She's Debonnaire." Her objective is to facilitate dialogue among women on issues related to gender, race, culture, and sexuality and how they impact perceptions of beauty.

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